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Here are frequently asked questions about Tiejet:

1. What is Tiejet?

Tiejet is an online marketplace where freelancers can offer their services to clients around the world.

2. How does Tiejet work?

Freelancers create a profile on Tiejet and offer their services, which clients can browse and purchase. Tiejet acts as a platform for transactions and takes a commission on each sale.

3. How much does it cost to use Tiejet?

It is free to create a profile on Tiejet, but there are fees associated with using the platform. Please click here to know more about the costs

4. What kind of services can I offer on Tiejet?

Services can range from graphic design and writing to video editing and programming.

5. How do I get paid on Tiejet?

Once a client purchases your services, the payment is held in escrow by Tiejet until the work is completed and approved by the client. Freelancers can then withdraw their earnings to their PayPal or bank account.

6. How do I become a successful freelancer on Tiejet?

To become a successful freelancer on Tiejet, it is important to have a strong profile, offer high-quality services, communicates effectively with clients, and deliver work on time.

7. What is Tiejet Pro?

Tiejet Pro is a premium service that connects clients with hand-vetted, top-rated freelancers who offer high-quality services.

8. What are Tiejet eServices?

Tiejet eServices are the services that freelancers offer on the platform.

9. How do I create a Tiejet eService?

You can create an eService by going to your profile and clicking on the "Create an eService" button.

10. How do I price my Tiejet eService?

You can set your own price for your Tiejet eService, but it is important to be competitive and realistic.

11. How do I promote my Tiejet eService?

You can promote your Tiejet eService through social media, your personal website, and by sharing it with your network.

12. How do I communicate with clients on Tiejet?

Tiejet has a messaging system that allows you to communicate with clients.

13. What is Tiejet Pro Verified?

Tiejet Pro Verified is a program that verifies the identity and credentials of Tiejet Pro freelancers.

14. How do I become a Tiejet Pro Verified freelancer?

To become a Tiejet Pro Verified freelancer, you must apply and meet the program's requirements.

15. What is Tiejet Learn?

Tiejet Learn is a platform that offers online courses to help freelancers improve their skills and grow their businesses.

16. How do I contact Tiejet customer support?

Tiejet has a customer support team that can be reached through the website or mobile app.

17. Is Tiejet safe to use?

Tiejet takes security and safety seriously and has measures in place to protect both freelancers and clients.

18. What if I have a dispute with a client on Tiejet?

Tiejet has a resolution center where disputes can be handled.

19. What is Tiejet Business?

Tiejet Business is a service that allows companies to manage their freelance workforce through a centralized platform.

20. Can I use Tiejet to hire freelancers for my business?

Yes, Tiejet can be a great resource for businesses looking to hire freelancers for various projects.

21. How do I search for freelancers on Tiejet?

You can search for freelancers on Tiejet by using keywords or browsing through categories.

22. Can I request custom offers from freelancers on Tiejet?

Yes, you can request custom offers from freelancers on Tiejet based on your specific needs.

23. How do I know if a freelancer on Tiejet is reliable?

You can check a freelancer's ratings and reviews on their profile to get an idea of their reliability.

24. How do I leave a review for a freelancer on Tiejet?

After the work is completed, you can leave a review for the freelancer on their profile.

25. Can I hire a freelancer on Tiejet for ongoing work?

Yes, you can hire a freelancer on Tiejet for ongoing work by setting up a custom offer or project.

26. What is Tiejet Elevate?

Tiejet Elevate is a program that provides freelancers with resources and tools to help them grow their businesses.

27. How do I apply to Tiejet Elevate?

You can apply to Tiejet Elevate by filling out an application on the Tiejet website.

28. How do I set up my Tiejet profile?

You can set up your Tiejet profile by providing information about your skills and experience, uploading a profile picture, and creating a eService.

29. How do I get more clients on Tiejet?

You can get more clients on Tiejet by promoting your services, offering high-quality work, and building a positive reputation through client reviews and ratings.

30. How do I withdraw my earnings from Tiejet?

You can withdraw your earnings from Tiejet to your PayPal or bank account.

31. What is Tiejet Anywhere?

Tiejet Anywhere is a program that allows freelancers to offer their services on external websites and social media platforms.

32. How do I become a Tiejet Anywhere seller?

You can become a Tiejet Anywhere seller by signing up for the program and integrating your Tiejet account with your website or social media platform.

33. How do I set my availability on Tiejet?

You can set your availability on Tiejet by using the "Vacation Mode" feature on your profile.

34. How do I cancel a Tiejet order?

You can cancel a Tiejet order by going to the order page and clicking on the "Resolution Center" button.

35. How do I dispute a cancellation on Tiejet?

You can dispute a cancellation on Tiejet by contacting customer support.

36. What is Tiejet Studios?

Tiejet Studios is a service that allows freelancers to collaborate on projects and offer their services as a team.

37. How do I join Tiejet Studios?

You can join Tiejet Studios by applying and meeting the program's requirements.

38. Can I use Tiejet to find a job?

No, Tiejet is a platform for freelancers to offer their services to clients, not a job board.

39. How do I change my Tiejet username?

You can change your Tiejet username by contacting customer support.

40. How do I change my Tiejet password?

You can change your Tiejet password by going to your account settings and clicking on the "Change Password" button.

41. How do I delete my Tiejet account?

You can delete your Tiejet account by going to your account settings and clicking on the "Delete Account" button.

42. What is Tiejet Community?

Tiejet Community is a forum where freelancers can connect, share tips, and ask for advice.

43. How do I join Tiejet Community?

You can join Tiejet Community by signing up on the Tiejet website.

44. How do I get verified on Tiejet?

To get verified on Tiejet, you must provide proof of your identity and address.

45. What is Tiejet Revenue Card?

Tiejet Revenue Card is a prepaid Mastercard that allows freelancers to withdraw their earnings from Tiejet.

46. How do I apply for Tiejet Revenue Card?

You can apply for Tiejet Revenue Card by going to your account settings and clicking on the "Tiejet Revenue Card" button.

47. How do I track my Tiejet earnings?

You can track your Tiejet earnings by going to your account dashboard and clicking on the "Earnings" tab.

48. How do I get featured on Tiejet?

To get featured on Tiejet, you must have a high-quality profile and offer unique and in-demand services.

49. How do I report a violation on Tiejet?

You can report a violation on Tiejet by using the "Report" button on a freelancer's profile or an order page.

50. How do I get started on Tiejet?

To get started on Tiejet, you can create a profile, create a eService, and start offering your services to clients.